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"I'll Smash Your Face In!!" - 97%

stainedclass2112, February 2nd, 2016
Written based on this version: 1992, CD, I.R.S. Records

Black Sabbath has so many great albums that people generally overlook a few of their best releases. Everybody knows how great Paranoid and Master of Reality are, and even how amazing Heaven and Hell is; but not too many people, beside big Black Sabbath fans, know of the pure metal awesomeness that is De-freaking-Humanizer. 1992's Dehumanizer is one of this very decorated band's greatest efforts, it combines the raw, heavy sound of the 70's Sabbath with the intricate and masterful sound and songwriting of both Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules. Also, this record has a healthy dosage of pure BADASSERY. Tony wrote some of the most crushingly heavy riffs for this one and Dio, while still retaining his masterful singing voice, sounds very pissed off and wicked. Vinny Appice is back and his drumming here is badass as well, while all of the drums here are quite simplistic, he absolutely HAMMERS them to match the super heavy feel of the album, and he nails everything. Also, Geezer is back with more epic basslines to put the icing on this very, very heavy cake.

The songs on Dehumanizer range from faster tracks like "TV Crimes" and "Time Machine" to heavier, more intense songs like my personal favorite: "I", the awesome opener "Computer God", and "Letters From Earth". The album has a pretty diverse track listing, with a wide array of different styled songs. Some of the earlier Sabbath albums all had a bag of songs that were pretty similar to each other, but here you get a really enjoyable listening (and headbanging) experience. The overall feel of Dehumanizer is a lot darker and heavier than the earlier two Dio-Sabbath records. Mob Rules hinted at this with a few tracks that featured dark lyrical themes and styles, but it is in full bloom here. Right from the opening riffing of "Computer God", I was immediately surprised by the sheer heaviness and power it has. Dio sings this album with a ton of anger and ferocity, that really sends this album over the top, in a good and badass way. The riffs and bass playing are really a wicked blend of both the classic 70's Sabbath and the two Dio-Sabbath records from the 80's. Tony chugs along with some of his best riffs of his career and tracks like "Letters From Earth" remind me of the old school Black Sabbath riffs, while songs like "Time Machine" and "Sins of the Father" would fit right in with the stuff from Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules. The best songs on this album, in my opinion, are definitely "I", "Computer God", "Sins of the Father", "Letters From Earth" and "Master of Insanity". The rest are all amazing, and some will find that it's crazy that I left off "TV Crimes" and "After All", which both rule. It just shows that this album has a lot to offer to lots of different people. Some people say that "Too Late" sucks, but I disagree. It is the slowest on the album, and the majority of it is softly sung accompanied by acoustic guitar passages. I have grown to really like it, especially the cool part in the middle (the "Save me!!!" part). It's very well done, especially taking into consideration that that kind of song is very easily screwed up.

The instrumentation on Dehumanizer is really good. Black Sabbath may have gotten a little more technical before, like with Heaven and Hell, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, and even some songs from Sabotage, but the musical skill is still very present here. Tony is top notch here, he usually is, but his riffs and solos are all wicked on this record. Geezer is also very good here, he plays some really awesome basslines, namely "TV Crimes" which has a really great bass part toward the middle. His bass tone is unique on this album, its pretty heavy but clanky too (see his little fill on "Computer God"). Vinny Appice is back, and he hammers the kit so hard on this record. I personally love his drumming here, it is pretty simple but it suits these songs so well and I think that the sound of the drums rules on here. Ronnie James Dio is spectacular on every record he sings on, and on Dehumanizer he is pissed off and ready to smash your face in. He sings these songs with this raw wickedness that you usually don't hear him unleash. His vocals on "I" are absolutely badass, and help make it the best track on this awesome album.

Dehumanizer is definitely one of the most underrated Black Sabbath albums, and one of the most underrated heavy metal albums as well. This is brilliant from start to finish, with some of Black Sabbath's greatest moments on here, like "I" and "Computer God". It is so awesome hearing those wicked riffs with angry ass Dio yelling over them, not to mention Vinny's super heavy, hammering drums. Dehumanizer really is fantastic, and it is arguably their best album, depending on what your tastes are. This album is a must have for all fans of Dio, and this is one of the best records he sang on. I strongly recommend this to all heavy metal fans and Black Sabbath fans. Those who like doom metal and dark lyrical themes and styles will love this as well. Dehumanizer is one of my favorite albums in my whole collection, it is freaking epic. This album seriously deserves a lot more attention, it is an absolute gem. This awesome record deserves more praise than it gets; it's a dark, mean, heavy, and wicked slab of pure heavy freakin' metal.

"I am virgin
I'm a whore
Giving nothing
The taker
The maker of war
I'll smash your face in!
But with a smile
All together
You'll never
Be stronger than me!"