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Dehumanizer in top 10 Best Black Sabbath! - 96%

PowerMetalGuardian, July 8th, 2004

One of the most underrated Black Sabbath albums happens to be one of the best. Dehumanizer welcomes back the vocal god Ronnie James Dio, and one of his best performances is put on this album. For the most part we have a very similar vocal production from Dio, his straight out power wielding vocals. However, there are some songs where pure evil reigns in his voice. What I mean is that on some songs Dio's voice is very low and with the powerful sounds of doom riffing makes it sound evil. Best song that shows this is After All, which is one of the best songs on this album.

For the most part, the riffs are typical doom metal oriented. Very slow and at times melodic, but there is so much more to it on this album. The way the crunch is worked, and the distortion puts an evil edge upon the songs, something Black Sabbath has been lacking for awhile. I agree with Ultra Boris, Black Sabbath got back to a familiar tone of the Ozzy years. They got back the dark and evil sound that made Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath. Dio even sounds a lot like Ozzy on the song Sins of the Father.

All the songs are pretty exceptional with awesome Iommi riffs. Dio's vocals shine high on this album, and can well be placed up with Mob Rules and Heaven and Hell. There are two types of songs, semi-fast paced and the slow doom metal tunes. Drumming, the bass, production, everything comes together on this album. If everything didn't come together, it would probably be a good album still because the song structures are solid and just really that good.

And with awesome songs and dark lyrics I wonder why this is an underrated album. Plus if you got the US version it comes with Time Machine the Wayne's World mix. If you love Black Sabbath then you probably own this album and already know what I am talking about. If you haven't heard this album...well shame on you, because it is a masterpiece of heavy metal.