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Another Slight Disappointment... - 73%

Sinner, December 23rd, 2002

Well I can be relatively short on this live-album from the Sabs - even though it has been about 13 years since their last one ("Live Evil"), I can't help but feel a little bit disappointed with it - not so much by the performances of the band - which are pretty good - but mainly thanks to the choice of setlist.

Face it - when you have an excellent singer like Tony Martin in the band, who sang on at least 4 excellent albums - it is really quite laughable if you manage to fill more than half of the album up with songs from the Ozzy era. Of course all of the songs on offer remain great - but they could have at least played something a little bit more recent (where the hell are classics like "The Shining", "Nightwing", "Evil Eye" or "When Death Calls" - or even Dio classics like "Heaven And Hell", "Computer God" or "I" ? ! ?).

Visually the band looks competent - but certainly not spectacular and even a bit boring in the long-run after several viewings.

Personally I find this release a wasted opportunity - although it still is worth tracking down if your a fan of the band...