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Oh so heavy! - 94%

langstondrive, October 8th, 2003

Now THIS is more like it! After reviewing Ozzy's decent "Blizzard of Ozz", this album just completly blows the shit out of it. With only 5 songs (2 of which being close to/over 10 minutes), this is a fairly quick ride, but is memorable and a keeper of an album. The guitar tone is very heavy and the bass work is incredible, especially on the aptly-titled "Bassicly". Ozzy's vocals are better than most other times, with his voice sounding a bit deeper.

The album opens with Black Sabbath, the best Sabbath song ever. The evil opening riff, the calm into chaos verse and chorus and the breakdown into the outro, this is without a doubt Black Sabbath's best work. The Wizard follows, and it is nearly as good. More cool riffs with an Ozzy harmonica intro. This album does not drag like other Sabbath/Ozzy albums tend to do. The next song is a 4 part, with the mood changing with every part. The opener (forgive me, I forgot the names) is pretty short, but very sweet. The next part is equally as cool, which then goes into the bass solo and into NIB, which is another kick ass Sabbath song that everybody knows the words to. This goes into the worst song on the album, it is far to bluesy for me and the band just doesn't sound as strong. The final track is another multi-part song, and it is decent at best. Although it rocks for the first 6-7 minutes, it quickly loses steam and turns into a lame solo for what seems like 295435 hours.

Even though the last 2 tracks are not up to par with the rest of this masterpiece, the other songs more than make up for it. This CD is really cheap due to it being re-released approximatly 4 billion times, so if for some unknown reason you don't have it, GET IT.