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Black Sabbath - 90%

Stachu, September 22nd, 2006

In heavy metal history there aren't many breakthroughs, not many legendary bands, not many genius deeds. But those who are like this - are true black pearls. Black Sabbath IS a legend, no need to prove it, you know it, or rather simply feel it. 13th February 1970 is the date which started heavy metal. Then some guys from Birmingham started it all by playing music they liked – a heavier, darker and rawer rock with elements of jazz and blues. Or simply HEAVY METAL. I didn’t take much time to become famous. It was a real blitzkrieg.

It’s hard to write about something as classical as this album. On one hand you don’t want to desecrate the cult and on the other there is no sense in writing about something which isn’t true. One thing is sure – it’s THE first heavy metal album – and this simply makes it classical to the genre.

What puts this album above all the other ’60 and ’70 rock albums? Well, almost everything. There’s a lot of jazz and blues in it combined with truly powerful riffs. And it’s all filled with heavy, thick atmosphere, especially the title track. It doesn’t mean that most tracks are doom like. There are also more energetic and faster tracks. Most tracks are simply progressive.

Technical stuff? What can I say? Ozzy’s voice is known world wide. Guitars? Iommi did brilliantly, he has made metal riffs sound like they do now, just listen to ‘The Wizard’, smashing. Bass plays a great role (unlike most modern metal albums). It isn’t only background. It’s an integral part of the album. Billy Ward did especially well. He mastered drums perfectly; lots of energy and his compositions are very interesting and complicated.

Tracks are very good. Unfortunately some are too long (The Warning), are too simple (Evil Woman). This album simply isn’t prefect – that’s without a doubt, but some tracks are amazing. Lot’s of progression, great atmosphere, and interesting details.

To sum up. Great album, living legend, first star on the heavy metal sky. Who cares that it isn’t the brightest.