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Quite the album - 80%

Shadow0fDeath, August 24th, 2004

Black Sabbath, famous for their heavier form of rock and roll at the time had started their career right here with this album. After playing a few shows around england, the Sabbath unit were able to snag a record deal with warner bros. entertainment. Their first album under WB, Black Sabbath, proved to be one of the most creative efforts by the band. This album includes everything from doom metal innovating songs such as the epic "Black Sabbath", to the simple jam type songs such as "WASP"

The album begins with Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath is a slow yet powerful piece as the mood for the song becomes really dark. Unlike most rock at the time this song is quite entertaining despite it's 3 constant notes for 4 and a half minutes. Getting better as it speeds up when iommi plays one of the coolest metal riffs i've been able to hear.

The second track, The Wizard, reminds me a lot of a led zeppelin song, maybe it's the harmonica or the more classic rock type feel to the song, it's an interesting track, but seems really out of place after the darkness of a 6 minute track much like "Black Sabbath".

The third track is three songs in one, the first being a jam called "Wasp" which is much like a classic rock song done with a small addition of metal to it. The track fades right into "Behind the wall of sleep", a song that reminds me a bit of heavier form of blues. After "Behind the wall of sleep", the track goes into "Bassically", which is pretty much a drum solo and them a trippy bass solo before going into "NIB". N.I.B. continues to show the face of early heavy metal, the lyrics and riff are really catchy every time i hear the song it gets stuck in my head for a few days. A great way to end the 10 and a half minute track, but i think it does no justice for the song in itself.

Track number 4, Wicked World, Wicked World has a weird, somewhat middle eastern theme to it with the guitars, yet also strange with the other sound effects. Quickly going a simple yet powerful metal type song to jam around to. Not really a song that's catchy but a cool song to chill out with.

And then onward with the jams, because that's all the last track is, with the exception of a really cool melody that's found around the 2 minute mark and carries on for less than a minute.

Basically this album is a quite diverse jam with black sabbath. A few teenagers goofing off in the studio and writing two really good and catchy metal tracks as well as one that sounds as if paying homage to the classic rock/hard rock bands of the time in the early seventies. Not as great as later albums such as Paranoid, Master of Reality, and Sabbath, bloody sabbath, but nonetheless an important aspect to the collection of any black sabbath fan. Could have been much better, but it shows the face of early heavy metal in a form that you can't look down upon!