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Let There Be Heavy Metal - 97%

Reaper, August 11th, 2004

This is the record that is proclaimed by many, to have started Heavy Metal music. The historic importance of this album cannot even be conceived, as it is probably the most important album in the metal discography.

Righteously so, the first song is entitled “Black Sabbath.” It is a very powerful song, with a mellow, yet controlling sound. It is simple lyrically yet complex in many ways and unhurried musically but heavy as hell. With a constant sound the lyrics are being spoken more than they are being sung. The progression from the Doom Metal sound to a faster paced guitar sound is very well done and offers a pleasurable experience.

The title track is probably the most important track on the album as it defines the bands sound for years to come. The overall feel and atmosphere of the album, but especially the title track, is unquestionably something that for many years has gone unduplicated until the late 80’s with the introduction of Black Metal into the Metal world.

The album truly redefined the genre of rock music in the late 1960’s as it added a dark vibe and an “evil” side to rock & roll. Songs such as “N.I.B.” were unthinkable to be played on the radio in an era where morality was the question of wrong and right even more so than it is today. Even though the album is a gem of creativity it was a very under appreciated album. Times have passed and fans everywhere are still listening to this album, just as in 1969. It is truly a classic among Metal albums and should be owned by anyone that calls himself or herself a Metal enthusiast.

Part of this album displays the Doom Metal characteristic of early Black Sabbath albums and the other display faster paced, high-pitched guitar melodies which enhance the replay value of this album. The song “Wicked World,” which is also the underrated song from the album is an example of the faster paced trait that the band demonstrates throughout this album.

The pure historic value of this album deserves a 100% score, yet, musically; it is not a perfect album. All of the songs are remarkably done and are very memorable, yet they are not perfect. For example the fourth track gets a bit recurring after a while, not in any major way, such as Cannibal Corpse, but does get dull when almost the same riff is being played with a high pitched guitar, over and over again. The guitar solos are great, don’t get me wrong, but it does get a bit monotonous after a while. It’s not a totally bad thing, but it’s not the greatest of things either.

Overall this album is a classic among classics. There is no way that one can truly appreciate Metal music without hearing this album. Very memorable and very powerful are the best adjectives that I can use to describe this album. Black Sabbath has created something extraordinary AND YOU WILL BOW BEFORE IT!