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Betterish - 73%

OlympicSharpshooter, August 26th, 2004

Now, why this compilation doesn't include the song "Heaven and Hell" I don't f'n know.

I guess I'll inform you of my rules regarding compilations here: I try not to lower the thing's mark for not including songs that don't exist at the time of release, and I don't lower it's mark for being inferior to subsequent comps. If it's worse than compilations that precede it... well, I'll ravage it. Also, I can't give good songs really low marks unless the compilation itself feels cheap or tries to fuck with me in some other way (song edits; curse them!).

So anyway, this is the first Sabbath compilation that is reasonably fair in representing every album equally (in Sabbath's catalogue, this is kind of a must), each album thus far getting a track in here. To be honest, while I jump for joy at Sabotage, Heaven and Hell, and The Mob Rules getting their fair shake, I feel a little angry that this isn't you know, status quo already.

Anyway, Technical Ecstasy haters should be pumped to see that the universally chosen 'good song' from that album, "Back Street Kids" (not Backstreet Boys, say thankya) is here as is the hippy dippy "Never Say Die" from that album. Not a bum track here (well, "Zero the Hero", but whatever).

So, as Sab comps go, this isn't bad. Better ones will come, and it lacks of the prestige of the very first one, but hearty salutes for trying.

Stand-Outs: Again, I ain't gonna bother.