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Bland and Forgettable Glam Rock - 49%

DeathRiderDoom, June 24th, 2009

#18 In My NWOBHM Rarities Review Series

Black Rose – Shout it Out

First off, I know this is a fairly late for a NWOBHM release, in stricter terms, but these guys started in 1980 or so and never really had ‘that’ NWOBHM sound, even back then. They’ve always had somewhat of a US melodic heavy metal/glam rock kinda feel, and on the album this cut appears on – we have the natural fruition of those artistic ideas. Yeah, if I haven’t scared you off already, these guys are pretty much like Touched, Tigertailz, Def Leppard, maybe Shogun or Praying Mantis – largely a soft edged sound, upbeat and radio friendly. This track here falls into the typical rock anthem category, you probably guessed that by the title. Anyway, I suppose this one is an okay introduction to the bands sound, but they do have better cuts.

A bland riff, and overall flat sound are found throughout this one – nothing really happens and ‘nothing’ is kinda repeated throughout the song in way – so far from a scorcher here, but if you like AOR/glam rock, give it a go I guess. Overall, I guess this is representative of their style – while they can at time ‘do’ the genre well, most of their material seems to be forgettable for the most part – sort of blurring into the background. They don’t have significant quantities of NWOBHM, or energetic sleaze (early 80’s LA e.g. Crue, London, Seduce) thrown into their mix to liven it up a bit. So while this single does represent their somewhat boring sound – they do have better cuts they could’ve chosen – but opted for the ‘rock anthem’ single route (all too commonplace). These type of songs can be done well: Keel, Helix and others do a pretty good job, but here it’s even without a hook. A fairly lame NWOBHM act to begin with, here they just don’t pull it pull it off. Not a horrible song, just utterly forgettable.