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Weak A-side, great B-side - 65%

failsafeman, February 28th, 2011

Black Rose are a frustrating band. Though apparently named after the 1979 Thin Lizzy album, they have little in common with that band, falling instead on the lighter side of the NWOBHM spectrum. They are capable of writing gripping, balls-out metal, yet they seem dead-set on writing sappy shit at the same time, and then mixing the two together. This single is a perfect example of that tendency, though going by the song titles you'd guess the quality falls the other way around.

A-side "No Point Runnin'" is sappy, crappy, and overlong; not the worst NWOBHM I've ever heard, and the solo is pretty rocking, but it's absolutely a skipper. It rides the same weak riff throughout, and it sounds as if it should be in the introduction to a real song that never starts. Otherwise it relies on crap chord progressions and a phaser pedal under the verses. The chorus is totally forgettable, quite literally. The song ended a few minutes ago and I seriously can't even remember how the chorus went. TERRIBLE

B-side "Sucker for Your Love" however is just a monster. Opening with a nice dual-lead, it sets a good tone and then switches into high gear for the verse with an actual bouncy riff underneath for the first part, and some proto-speed metal for the second part. Then the chorus catches you like it should, the lead guitar grabbing you with well-placed hooks between the lines. Steve Bardsley is a decent metal tenor, not terribly memorable but with some power behind him and more skill than most of his contemporaries. He does throw some cool screams in, and his enthusiasm is hard to argue with. FUCK YES, LISTEN TO THIS ON REPEAT

Fuck does this single bug me. Two songs like the B-side, and it would've been at the top of the stack of NWOBHM singles, along with Virtue and Reincarnate. As it is, I'm deleting the A-side and throwing the B-side together with the handful other good Black Rose songs. Yeah, I downloaded the single. Wanna fight about it?