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Overall Excellent! - 80%

WhenWolvesReturn, October 16th, 2004

This is an excellent band. Even though all they've released in their career is a demo, they made it to a point that many other bands can't. Each member plays well together, and the instruments mix well. Let me break it down...

Intro: Your typical, usual, dark-ambient lets-be-spooky introduction. About 2 minutes of unnecessary keyboard bopping. Sounds like an actually timed part, and another part of just prodding keys.

Inferno: YES! Starts out with a scream and a mid-paced good but simple guitar riff, very slow drum beat, and droning sound to it. This soon throws in to a semi-fast very melodical but raw guitar sound. I can hear bass but it's obviously not meant to come out very loud in the mix. This is your first real taste of what you will hear in the rest of the album, and it's a good sign.

Vse V Prach Obraceno Jest - This is a not-quite lightning fast song, very simple riffing and typical blast beats with fills. The singer still impresses me on this, I don't think the sound of the vocals could ever get old on this. One thing that does get old really quick on this album is the sound of the ride cymbal, it just seems like the drummer is hitting WAY too close to the bell. This continues through the whole CD.

Bez Ohne - Obviously, the title track, and one of the standout tracks definitely. Starts out fast with some awesome guitar riffing and double-bass whapping that much resembles some classic metal more than black metal. Soon, though, the guitar throws in to it's super-fast riff of overly distorted harmony. Instrumental song...

Pred Smrti - This song doesn't impress me much, has a weird bass part, and if there's one thing bad I can say about this release besides the obvious flaws in a little bit of timing problems (not many, mind you) it's the bass. I overlook this mostly because it's a demo and poor underground bands usually can't afford a pro studio, but damn, they could've atleast tuned it. Anyway, after that little part, another song with the same fills you hear throughout the album and the drummer hitting too close to the bell on the ride. Not a bad track, but not the best track on the album; the guitar parts are very good around the 1/3 length mark of this song though...

Posledni - Loud, fast, angry, and the way it should be when it comes to black metal like this. I probably shouldn't call it fast, because it's more of a fast mid-pace. The drummer, guitarist, bassist, and singer are all VERY in sync on this song, and this is probably one of 3 tracks that really stand out on this short album (out of 7 tracks, 3 is a good number for standout tracks). I could listen to this song, Bez Ohne, and Pusta Zem over and over.

Pusta Zem - Okay song, probably the third most standout track on the CD. Creepy guitar part the beginning that was obviously recorded later in the session, it sounds like the guitarist is getting tired and hitting wrong strings, but it makes it sound better for some odd reason. (The guitarist is very talented) I would call this a slow song, if there can be such a thing in black metal. Very ambient and the drummer drudges through it with what seems like a pseudo-punk drum beat.

I only had a couple of irks with it, the biggest one being that the bass sounds like shit, all through the release. There are three stand out tracks on this release, and the singer is one of the best I've heard in the genre. Unfortunately, this band didn't release anything else...