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The establishment of a new Doom classic. - 100%

Wizard_Of_Doom, July 9th, 2009

It is my honest belief that this record will establish itself as a classic in the doom scene. It is nothing less than triumphant to consider that 39 years after Paranoid hit the shelves these 3 humble men crafted an album that not only encapsulates the sonic legacy that Black Sabbath has had during all these years but still has its own story to tell and never forgets the importance of song writing.

The record is well produced. The guitar tone is thick, fuzzy and consistent. The leads are perfectly clear and do well against the rhythm backdrop. Bass is clearly audible and gives that extra force in the low end department while the drumming sounds great. It displays good use of symbols crashes so typical of Doom but never done to such a degree to hinder the other instruments. Overall the record does not have that polished studio feel and would seem to resemble a live atmosphere far more, just with the benefit of clear and concise sound quality and mixing. This really does bold well for it as it is able to achieve that plundering heaviness so many bands fail to achieve once the red light is on. The vocals are a distinguishable crooning shout for most of the record, which sounds rather terrible but really does go with what they have going on.

The record is packed to the brim with riff after riff. Listening to it and being able to distinguish influence after influenced of traditional doom acts, those leaning more towards stoner, psychedelic, hardcore and bluesy sides of Doom is nothing but an unsurpassable pleasure. From Cathedral to Spirit Caravan to Electric Wizard, Eyehategod and even Om you feel these guys know the records just as well as you do and really set out to only honour them all. But this is so far from another generative Doom act. The true skill is in the delivery of all these ideas into such a solid base is what is exceptional and suggests to me there will be something for everyone here regardless of they’d rather listen to Trouble or Bongzilla. They even include the classic Sabbath acoustic interlude keeping their roots firmly in tradition. There are also nice touches of Eastern influences here and there, just adding that extra touch of versatility. The length of the record is also perfect as the listener it never reaches the point of fatigue and for those lucky enough to buy the LP version they have an extra instrumental epic by the name of ‘Macedonia’ which I can confirm totally tears and would have any Metal fans seal of approval.

My final conclusion, 100%. Buy this record!