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Sludgy fun - 80%

invaded, June 14th, 2006

This record was Zakk'a metal comeback, and it was a huge success. This record has a thick tone for both the bass and guitar and is groovy all the way through. And of course we can never forget about those infamous Zakk squeals which run rampant on this album.

"Bored to Tears" kicks things off with what is now now considered a BLS classic. This track examplifies the mood of the album. The riffs are catchy, the rythm is groovy, the vocals make you want to drink beer and the whole sound just makes you want to headbang. One also mustn't forget that since this is a Zakk Wylde record, the solos are also due to be good. "Born to Lose" is another straight up rocker with a sing along quality to it, while "Mother Mary" has an intro that can easily inspire a moshpit. "T.A.Z." is a short acoustic shred fest where Zakk goes all out and displays he not only has chops on a Les Paul. But to me the highlight of the album has to be the softly spoken "Spoke in the Wheel".

This song delivers as much amotion as the rest of the record but channels it in a different direction. This is acoustic bliss and has soft melodies that make you stop and think and appreciate the diversity that Zakk can accomplish. Some really good acoustic playing accompanied by emotional and soft vocals make this track very special and memorable. The album finishes on a high note with "The Beginning...At Last" which a barn burner of a track, and the Ozzy cover(on which he actually played) "No More Tears" is also very cool.

This album is fun to listen to. It rocks you hard and rocks you gently at times. If you're looking for a beefy tone with a solid rythm and some excellent guitar work, you've come to the right society.