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Gets a bit boring - 55%

invaded, June 30th, 2006

I am a big fan of BLS and I almost always enjoy their softer songs as much as the heavy tracks, but this record is difficult to listen to from one end to another. The playing is great, as Zakk once again proves that as amazing of a shredder as he si, he can sit down and play acoustic guitar with anyone. The problem with this record is that it is simply too long.

If they could have put about ten or eleven songs I think this would be a much easier record to digest. The problem is not in the songwriting, seeing as how all the tracks are well crafted and arranged, but rather in the lack of diversity within the tracks.

There are some great songs though, don't get me wrong. The opener "Crazy or High" is great and has a fantastic chorus as well as some great lead playing from the Wylde man. "Steppin Stone" is also good as is "House of Doom" and "Damage is Done". Some of these songs have killer hooks and some great playing, not to mention some very good vocal performances from Zakk, but it simply becomes a bit stagnant towards the end.

The record has some great songs, but is not a great RECORD. There are moments where you want to hear that crunchy rythm tone and those ferocious vocals, but you don't.

These songs are more in the Book of Shadows vein, which may suit some fans just fine, but I simply thought this release lacked a bit of diversity.