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Pretty good sludge - 64%

ThrashingMad, December 17th, 2007

As many know Black Label Society’s latest release Shot to Hell was a massive failure. This was mostly due to extremely boring ballads and an overall lack of inspiration. While the album as a whole was bad it did have few decent songs. The songs on this single are two of the few that didn’t completely suck, in fact both of them are actually pretty good. Now don’t get me wrong, neither of these songs are great, but they’re both decently entertaining and miles away from the other shit on SoH.

Both of the songs feature pretty good sludgy groove riffs that sound a bit like post-CfH Pantera’s better work in the way that they both have a sort of southern feel. They are quite simple but very catchy, basically the way groove riffs should sound. Zakk can write some pretty nice guitar solos too, the one in “Black Mass Reverends” is particularly well done. The only bad thing that can be said about the guitar work is that the band really overuses guitar squeals in the riffs. This isn’t a major flaw but it gets a little annoying after a while.

The one really annoying thing about this release is that the vocals are of the “talkbox” variety. I have always thought that that style was really annoying and this recording definitely isn’t changing my mind. Also there are a lot of vocals in the songs so that makes them even harder to ignore.

While the album may have sucked balls these two songs are actually pretty good. Both of them are pretty catchy and have some good riffs. The vocals are pretty annoying but they don’t completely wreck the songs. While it’s not great I would certainly recommend this single to Black Label Society fans, or just general fans of the sludge metal genre.