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An essential for any SDMF - 96%

Xeper, August 14th, 2003

This DVD was well worth the wait. Great set list (it helps if you're a fan if only to shout along and that sort of idiocy, but my friend who doesn't know any of their stuff enjoyed it too) with Craig Nunemacher of Crowbar on drums, Robert Trujillo (of too many bands to name) on bass, and Nick Catanese who absolutely shreds it up on supporting guitar with the man himself, Zakk Fucking Wylde. Performance is flawless, well-filmed, great sound clarity, great crowd and the atmosphere is awesome. Zakk's antics are priceless as well, from his tirades against Limp Bizkit to busting beer cans open on his head and shredding with his teeth. The man is talented AND entertaining, a rare combination. There are also 2 songs (Demise of Sanity and Graveyard Disciples) additionally filmed at another show, with Mike Inez on bass, which also kick ass. This sucker is chock full of bonus features like the Stillborn video, some funny home footage of Zakk playing guitar and singing with his daughter, a guitar lesson with breakdowns of guitar solos he's done in several songs (Ozzy's Miracle Man, Pride & Glory's Cry Me A River, BLS's The Beginning...At Last, etc) which proves that the man knows his shit, footage of him playing the national anthem before some hockey game, an interview with him on his influences/opinions/etc, an interview with him/Mike Inez/Craig Nunemacher in which they're dressed up half the time and the whole thing is downright fucking hilarious, and other stuff I'm probably forgetting. Very informative and comprehensive while entertaining too, and although I'm no guitarist, I'm sure the lesson portion will be extra-special for aspiring axewielders. BLS are one of my favorite bands, and I was not disappointed at all with this DVD. Clocking in at about 2 hours overall, I definitely got my money's worth outta this one.