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Black Kronstadt > A World to Win > Reviews > clownslayer
Black Kronstadt - A World to Win

Great Band. Pretty Good Release - 82%

clownslayer, March 31st, 2010

Black Kronstadt is an unknown amongst most metalheads and their only real claims to fame is the initiation of the movement now know as RABM (Red & Anarchist Black Metal) and that a member went on to be in Iskra. This group of guys (and girl) are in my opinion the pinnacle of the black/crust sound. Very noisy, chaotic, and under-produced. If you don't like crust or black metal you will most likely find this EP to be a boring mass of shouting and noise. With this release they moved beyond the very punky sound with traces of grindcore and black metal, to a much "black-er" sound.

The first track, Last Supper, starts off with a news clip detailing some tyranny or something another that I couldn't hear very well but really set the mood. The rest of the song continues as any other crust song with it's slow plodding guitar and strained, harsh vocals.The second song, All Cyst'ms Down is my favorite song off the EP it has alot of variation from a heavy grindcore riff at the beginning to more crust even including several somewhat catchy pieces... or at least as catchy as crust can be. By then end you should be chanting "The people will fight back, the people will fight back" alongside Cliff and headbanging to the riffs. After this is Antifa which is in my opinion by far the punkiest song on the album, at times reaching the speed and aggression of a powerviolence song.

Ultimately this album is your above average crust release, with enough variation to keep it interesting but not so much that it becomes unidentifiable.