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Persuasive Darkness - 70%

Werewolf, November 17th, 2012

When the French tape label Impious Desecration Records gathers forces with the Montenegrian artist Milovan Novakovic - be sure it's going to be backed up by good music! It happened in the case of OMINOUS CRUCIFIX before and it happened with BLACK HAMMER as well. BLACK HAMMER is a 1-man project that delivers nearly 16 minutes of barbaric Black / Thrash.

"The Horror" is a must for those who enjoyed the French 1-man Black / Thrash project NUCLEAR ABOMINATION's stuff, released on the same label some time ago. Actually I would believe if I was told that it's another NUCLEAR ABOMINATION demo, since both resemble the stuff TOXIC HOLOCAUST did on their demos and debut album, yet BLACK HAMMER has more obvious CELTIC FROST influences and more intense sounding vocals, that most of the time sound like standard Black Metal vocals, with some growls here and there.

If this is how the debut demo sounds - this guy obviously knows what he's doing and I'm already curious about how BLACK HAMMER's future stuff will sound. The only complaint I have is concerning the super boring sounding drums, that really lack dynamics, though I'm not sure whether these are real drums or almost convincing sounding computerized samples. Either way - this is a rather cool demo for a 1-man band and the first Impious Desecration pro-tape release, so check this out fast, before it's gone!

Originally written by me for Voiced from the Darkside webzine: