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What. - 0%

Grotulg, January 16th, 2012

What the hell is this album? Is this what people would deem true black metal? True black metal has AT LEAST bleah sound quality, but that's what makes them awesome to listen to. This album, on the other hand, has such bad sound quality it sounds nothing like dark and evil metal, but more like a bunch of dumb shits hitting and smashing themselves with trash cans. And you know whats worse? The intro has the best sound quality of all the songs on this record. You heard me. THE FUCKING INTRO HAS BETTER SOUND QUALITY THAN EVERY TRACK ON THIS GODDAMN RECORDING.

Now for the instruments. Everything is blurry as hell and you can hardly hear a note played by the guitar, a boom from the drum, and you can't tell a damn thing apart. The vocals are rather good, but are lacking; it's just a bunch of screams and there's no variety. No growls, no rasps, no nothing. Just banshee screaming up the ass. I know screaming is a typical vocal style in black metal, but come on, at least have a bit of variety rather then use the same damn thing. There are a few narrated vocals on this album (or so it sounds like) but I can't even tell if they are narrated because the sound of this album sounds as if it was mastered by a blind 2 year old who recorded it using a pile of feces.

Case in point: Do NOT get this album. It is not trve, nor is it kvlt. All this album is is 12 tracks of pure ear rape. Do not get this album if you've been a black metaller since the first wave, and do not get this album if you have just discovered the genre. This album is a disgrace to the most darkest genre of metal.

Ripping Through the Aura - 90%

So_It_Is_Done, January 23rd, 2011

This is an album that evokes feelings such as disgust and repulsion right from the start. Both its execution and content are very inhuman, demonic and deviate. It’s a torture for minds and bodies. And that does not mean that it lacks creativity. It is just unpleasant, noisy, and disturbing to such an extent that the word creativity does not compose well with it. It is more like an uncreation or whatever you call it. Pure fucking negativity and evilness enclosed in audio form.

It starts off with a medieval sounding tune that is quite a tasteful introduction I would say. It sets the mood properly. There come eight black metal plus two ambient tracks. They do not fit well with one another, that is true. But each on its own is entertaining or rather intriguing. Purely satanic, vampyric music played in the traditional black metal style in the vein of Vampires of Black Imperial Blood, Faustian Dawn, Drawing Dawn the Moon, or even De Mysteriis dom Sathanas. However, somehow there are moments in this album that feel even more haunting compared to the aforementioned. Particularly thanks to skin shredding insane screams which this album is full of. There are several extremely hateful vocal layers, heavily distorted by a computer or some other piece of equipment. The guitar tone is high, twisted, and unpleasant to the ear with some strange effects as well. This time there is a real drummer present which is an undeniable advantage. He copes with his task well enough not to annoy. Still, he plays without any traces of virtuosity which is not to be considered a flaw. But it is hard to say if there is any bass guitar. Possibly in some tracks only. All in all, the performance/execution of both musicians is as good as it should be in this kind of music, whereas the atmosphere is fucking haunting and hard to bear.

Vukolak is an album that keeps listeners very tense, uneasy and even maybe hounded. It affects with its negativity and sits on your chest like a fucking demon. For a long time there has not been an album equally disturbing and inaudible yet so captivating. Another gem to your collection and best Black Funeral album so far.