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True Vampiric Black Metal - 90%

Taliesin, October 20th, 2005

With Vampyr - Throne of the Beast, Black Funeral unleashed their dark vision of vampiric occultism upon the world. This album isn't as atmospheric as the later Empire of Blood, with a very dry and clear production that is similar to the type of production used on Ulver's Nattens Madrigal, or a clearer version of Transilvanian Hunger's dry and violent mix. The music sounds ancient, as if covered in dust. The riffs are true melodic black metal type riffs, sometimes even strangly bouncy. The vocals of Michael Ford are evil and throaty. There are touches of keyboards, but not much, with the exception of the two intrumentals, which are all keyboards and are very eeire.
This album introduced a type of black metal that was perfect, dark and filled with a strange witchcraft. Black Funeral only released a few albums, but all of them are essential. Probably out of all of them this is the best, though I'm fond of Belial Arisen (though that has very bad production). This is original and excellent, essential for all fans of black metal that has very few frills and creates its atmosphere with basic essentials.
Highly suggested!