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Starving Out the Light - A must have thrash album - 95%

BurningPentagram, April 28th, 2014

I discovered Black Fast by trying to find similar bands to Vektor. I was not disappointed. Black Fast’s release “Starving Out the Light” is a must have for fans of blackened/progressive thrash. If you enjoy Havok, Hexen, Skeletonwitch, Vektor, or Death, then this is a must have (yes, I know Death is not thrash, but you will still like Black Fast if you like them).

Every single track on this album is phenomenal. Black Fast are clearly talented musicians and songwriters. The guitar tone is sharp and very appropriate for the album. The guitars also have riffs after riffs after riffs and this album will have you headbanging and air guitaring. The drumming sounds full and precise. The bass is present and has great tone. The vocals are consistently good and reminiscent of Chuck Schuldiner. The mixing is superb. Basically, “Starving Out the Light” sounds like a professionally recorded album, up there with any other big band.

In terms of composition, Black Fast have in a mere 32 minutes proven to be masterful songwriters. They seriously have chops. They manage to have coherent structure while not getting boring or repetitive. It is not just a bunch of cool riffs stitched together in some sort of Frankenstein monstrosity. The songs are clearly regarded as a whole. If you need one song to prove it, just listen to “Obelisk", especially the riff from 05:12 to 05:42. Absolutely brilliant. My only complaint is the acoustic interlude “Lost Between Worlds” feels more 36 seconds of filler time than anything else.

The solos on the album deserve special mention. They occupy a nice space of being melodic and fitting in with the song structure (no pointless fret-wanking), but also are seriously full of shredding.

As cliché as it is to say it, “Starving Out the Light” will leave you wanting more. One can only hope that Black Fast can concoct another amazing full-length. Buy this album and support this band! It will be well worth your money and they truly deserve it.