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An overall integral EP - 73%

MegaTormentor, July 7th, 2006

The most probable reason you found about this band is that you heard a Beherit member contributed to both releases rendered by this spirited and rampantly unpolished band namely known by their ambitious moniker Black Crucifixion. This review is going to be short as there's not a great gamma of things to say about this typically buried demo band. Most of the music found in here is along the lines of Varathron and Necromantia with a doomier aesthethic as everything found in this four tracks is midpaced. Their overall sound is hardly 'cold', in fact it is very warm and 'morning' sounding and is partly characterized by their particulary surprising use of midly distant clean vocals and the basic Guitar riffing that is constituted by near-eastern sounding minor scales and powerfully stranged chords enchanced by a vast but compact distortion. A few melancholic Acoustic parts are found on the last 2 tracks featuring nothing too tricky but a few basic and sincere picking chords. The mid-paced, reverbered and break-filled drumming also contributes greatly to the EP interesting sound. And ah! there's also a discrete use of guitar leads and background keyboards that, as generally, keeps giving the EP a deeper sound... and as for the Bass there isn't really anything to say about.

Their song structures are based on some few riff and beat changings that can't be lumped in a pop-structure that a great part of Black metal demo bands used. However, this work isn't very innovative in most ways as most of their technique and vision is mostly derived from the classic Greek and mediterranean bands. This is anyway an interesting listen for anyone who appreciates the 'southern' kind of Black metal.