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Not as bad as one would think - 50%

WilliamAcerfeltd, July 27th, 2008

Don't ask me why I decided to check this band out. I had heard this band was pure CoF worship with more emphasis on porn. When you go to the bands official website, it appears you are entering some sort of goth porn website. The album art (for the record I downloaded this) looks like it could be the cover for some S&M DVD. Needless, to say BC pretty much itemise women as sex toys. A lot of women could be offended by this band’s view on women. So, if comments like "I'd like to fuck the band members from Gallhammer, like all at once" offend you, then you should probably stay away from this band.

However, if you're like me and couldn't care less about this sort of thing, then you can focus on the music. So what does BC offer musically? Well not much more than your average melodic black metal band. Illnath does this much better, minus the lame erotica theme. The riffs on the album are usually quite bland and dull. Rarely, they can be actually enjoyable, these moments are fleeting.

A redeeming factor of this album is the synths. Unlike CoF, they don't sound like the band ripped of the sound track from Dracula. Rather they're actually quite good and can be quite pleasant to listen to. The band gets a lot of points for synths. The keyboards aren't very exciting but thankfully, they're not cheesy. Without the synths and I dare say the keyboards, this would be one dry, boring album.

The vocals on this album are OK. He isn't as high pitched as Dani. His vocals sound rather strained but it’s not annoying. I'm not sure if it sounds strained because he’s trying to get as high pitched as Dani but whatever. There are also spoken vocals on this album. There are no female vocals on this album, but if they were anything like the female vocals on the CoF albums, I'm glad they're not on here.

The lyrics are actually OK on this album. They're more like lyrics on this album than on its successor, where the lyrics sound more like extracts from a porn novel.

There occasionally sounds like there are some techno elements in some songs such as The Mystery Of A Witching Forest.

Musically, they didn't fuck this up. When I first played this, I thought it was going to be very bad. CoF fans should love this band, seeing as how they're better than them. However, the synths really saved this album, if it wasn't for them the album would be very dull.

Where dos this album lose points? Well, the riffs aren't that exciting; I got no headbangs out of this. Also, I'm not a big fan of erotica in black metal. Don't get me wrong I'm all for sending women back to the kitchen but for whatever reason, it just annoys me. I know a Mexican girl who could be offended by this sort of thing. So if you don't like seeing women portrayed in this way, stay away.

Break down:
Vocals: Decent albeit strained
Riffs: usually pretty boring
Synths: good
Drumming: good

Conclusion: The above is recommended for download only.