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Black Cilice > A Corpse, a Temple > Reviews > Traumawillalwayslinger
Black Cilice - A Corpse, a Temple

Disoriented chaos - 99%

Traumawillalwayslinger, January 29th, 2024
Written based on this version: 2011, 12" vinyl, Discipline Productions

Raw black metal is a very dark, dense genre. Containing some of the roughest, barbaric, and most intense music imaginable. It’s also a place where you gotta dig through a lot of trash to find the gems. And I’m glad to say that Black Cilice is one of those gems. Their style of raw black metal is something very powerful while remaining insanely simplistic. It's a band that needs your full attention whenever you listen to it, it can also be a very rough and hard listen at times because of how abrasive it is. But for me after a while, I got used to it and fell in love with this band. And I’m happy to say that “A Corpse, A Temple” has grown to be one of my favorite black metal albums in general.

First off let’s talk about the production. Jesus Christ, this thing is fucking raw. Like holy hell as soon as “The Gate of Sulpher” kicks in you are immediately submerged in this wall of noise. The music is intense and nihilistic, taking no prisoners in its attack of raw black metal. Black Cilice has all the traits a black metal fiend would love to death. Unapologetic blast beats, evil tremolos, and absolutely haunting vocals. Which are these very dissonant and downright disturbing howls and screams. There’s so much reverb to them it sounds utterly ghoulish and hateful. This is not an album for a casual black metal listener, its ear-splitting noise is a test of your endurance. Pushing you to the absolute limits with its ruthless vocals and blasting instruments.

Luckily the raw production doesn’t drown out the music in any way. Because the music is the heart of this album. When it comes to the songwriting and execution Black Cilice bashes your skull in with simplicity. The music right from the start grabs you by the throat and brings you along for a journey of pure frostbitten terror. Not once does it give you any breathing room because the barrage of black metal constantly keeps you drowning in a wall of pure animalistic noise. The riffs are very powerful yet overly simple in their approach. But it’s not just blast beats and the same riff for over 33 minutes. There are enough changes in the riffage and drums to where it’ll keep you hooked for the entire album.

The atmosphere of this album is very special. Never before has a raw black metal album grasped my attention and soul as much as this album has. Its melancholic riffs and sorrowful vocals hit me hard, it’s a feeling I’ll never forget whenever I listen to this record. I was a fan of the LLN, Moonblood, and all the other main raw black metal bands. But holy hell this band was a whole testimony of how far you can push the boundaries. Its primitive nature in the vein of raw black metal is easily recognizable and it will strangle you with its atmosphere.

When it comes to riffing it’s a typical example of raw black metal. The guitar tone is extremely sharp and rough around the edges and it WILL break your eardrums. The riffs are a mixture of simple tremolos, as well as other sections and riff changes/variations. Each song is filled with these yet it doesn’t feel overdone or boring. The raw production like I said doesn’t drown out the guitars. You can hear each individual riff and tremolo quite well. It’s got a lot of good rhythms and pattern changes, it doesn’t happen often but it does happen enough to keep your interest.

Honing in on the drums now everything I said about the guitars can be applied here. It’s very simple and VERY intense, dominating the listener with repetitive blast beats. There’s a good enough variety as there are a lot of fills and rhythmic patterns/beats. Never once straying away from the cold and primitive atmosphere and approach. The drums are probably the most pummeling and challenging thing to listen to. They also are the rawest thing on this release. The blast beats are ungodly loud and the kick drums and double bass sound insanely raw. It’s something that’s definitely not for everyone, and it’s a true line in the sand as to whether or not you’re willing to dive deeper into black metal.

With all the simplicity going on the music manages to remain memorable and mesmerizing. The vocals, guitars, and drums all serve a purpose. They all are a perfect blend of catchiness and repetitive chaos that makes this album a unique piece in the sea of millions of generic bands. My favorite song is probably “The Gate of Sulpher” because it’s the first Black Cilice song I ever heard. And it has the most memorable vocal parts and riffs in my opinion. Another good song is “Among Dead Rats” as it has this nice mid-paced feel to it. Throwing in a lot of fills and build-up beats before transitioning into the usual black metal assault.

Black Cilice doesn’t give a fuck about trends or being popular. This band is meant to scare, repulse, and disgust you as well as everyone who listens to it. And that’s why I love it. This band does its own thing. Following in the footsteps of many masterful raw black metal bands perfectly while also sounding great and unique. If you love the LLN and Drowning The Light and you’re willing to test your limits as a black metal fan. Check this out and prepare yourself. For some of the most raw, primitive, and haunting music you will ever hear. A truly amazing experience.