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THE Comeback of a band!! - 100%

LordBones, June 2nd, 2008

Bitches Sin! Older metal heads among us remember that name from their demos and their 2 full-length albums (Predator and Invaders). And they had a good reputation around the underground circles. Sadly enough they broke up around 1987 to form “Flashpoint”, which is a good band too in my humble opinion. Then in the last years Heavy Metal was rearing it ugly head again and the band got attention once more. And with that the band reissued their back catalog not thinking of really reinstating the band again.
What began as a just a play around with old members with some songs, turned out to be a full fledged recording session for a full-length album. And what an album it is!!

It starts with the title song with rambling drums, great guitar riffs, driving bass and gruff and rough vocals and a kick ass solo. From here it is a rollercoaster of great songs; great guitar works of the brothers Toomey, awesome rhythm section and the amazing lungs of Tony Tomkinson, whose vocals has truly matured in time. ‘Metalize’ is a great Metal anthem. Then it goes into ‘Selling Paradise’ which carries a Middle Eastern tone, awesome! Now we go into a masterpiece called ‘Red Skies’, a fast paced song with great lyrics about present politics and wars. Incredible song. While catching breath we will hear ‘Nobody Wants You Here’ and ‘Mr. Toomey’. The latter starts with a blistering guitar into an old fashioned Heavy Metal song into a modern style of Metal and back again. Wonderful! Now we can catch our breath with to the only resting point called ‘Beggars Parallel’ with only a voice, acoustic guitar and some keyboards and great lyrics. In here you hear the softer side of the vocals of Tony. Now get ready again for more onslaught in the form of ‘Second Life’. Put it in higher drive with ‘White Room’, another masterpiece on this album. It sounds like speed metal or thrash metal but it is still heavy metal. Excellent!!
The last song is the eerie ‘Eleventh Hour’ with is an awesome song and a perfect ending to the album. It sounds like Black Sabbath from the old days. It is slow and sludging.

The band is back again!!! With a vengeance I might say. It doesn’t sound like their previous efforts but still it sounds familiar. Bitches Sin sounds like a new band. I think that is to the credit of being a freewheeling project with no pressure to make an album.
Also what makes this a wonderful album, is due to the fact that the production and engineering was done by the none other then Chris Tsangarides of the production/engineering/mixing fame for Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Helloween, Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore, etc etc. And now he is a member of the band on keyboards and guitars.

The songwriting and lyrics are awesome. The compositions are well thought off. They are simple and yet intricate and complex as Heavy Metal should be. Simple but musicality abound. The guitars are awesome because, even though Ian and Pete are great guitar players, they don’t put themselves into the foreground and saying “Here I am The Guitar God” and just play for the band and songs sake. And for the lyrics, well it is not your slay the dragons and save the maiden type of deal but more into politics, views of the present state of the world and life.

Sorry that I was long winding but this album is a CLASS A album. It kicks asses all around. A lot of bands can take notice of this album and this band on how it should be done for pure, old fashioned Heavy Metal.

In short: To me this is the best Metal album of 2008

Highlights: The whole album. But if you want song titles: Selling Paradise, Red Skies, White Room and Eleventh Hour.