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Bitchin' back in 87. - 75%

Danthrax_Nasty, August 31st, 2005

Back, and Rocking with bitchin intensity, and an ultra hot Betsy Bitch nude on the cover, this odd lesser known metal band from LA really did deliver a pretty damn decent album. Now, this certainly isn't the best album of 1987, released that year we saw albums from Armored Saint, Motley Crue, Dokken, Lizzy Borden, and Malice,... and thats just other bands from LA. So its not hard to see why this album was forgotten fast. Still though, this really is a good album, falling some what short of any real greatness, but still rocking hard, and brandishing a feel from its time. One down side to the band as a whole though is that the bands image is so total kickass 80's metal that the sound kinda lets you down when you hear 'em, but I mean thats only because with a name like Bitch, and a live act centering upon S&M fetish type stuff, and other forms of deviant entertainment its pretty damn difficult to live up to your hype (although has been done!), also I've read the same else where, so I'm not alone in this assumption. And in being such this album was a decent release, bordering on the upper echelon of mediocrity, but for the most part: silently forgotten.

As for the music, its more or less of what you'd expect from a trashy thrashy rock band, with this album imparticularly holding more of a Hard Rock feel then their previous efforts (even a fucking Elton John cover?...though, they do a decent cover of it.) This album is pretty straight forward, all the songs being fast paced rythms, and such, not any real breakdowns (I can think of?). Head Banger is a stand out track (as well as Skull Crusher, and Me And The Boys), but only because its truly a lost glam metal classic (well maybe). With laughable lyrics, it really carries that ultra cheesy, super catchy 80's feel (not as good as the Plasmatics song entitled "Headbanger" though) which to my peculiar taste is just fine by me. I'd say this album has its perks, and the band is definitely a competent group, Betsy's voice is pretty kick ass too, reminding me at points of Pat Benatar (with out the highs), or something similar, so yeah, there definitely is something to hear here, its just don't expect too much.

In addition to the perks theres also the fact that live this may be a perfect set, but on cd it grows old kinda fast unless you really get into. The lyrics are a bit dull in parts, and the guitars do a great job at holding a solid feel, but I'm sure some people would find them a bit trifle, and generic...I don't really. I find this album to be a nice novelty of sorts, because even though they weren't the greatest band out there in their day, they still hold an important part in Metal history, lesser as it may be, but still important. I've read that Slayer's first gig was opening for them, and that they've shared stages with the likes of WASP, Armored Saint, Steeler, etc. so certainly they had a fan base, and put on memorable shows, but unfortunately for us who missed seeing Betsy Bitch's tities bobbing up and down, while guitars are wailing, and shes whiping audience members its not possible to put that on a cd (which surely would have garnered this a much, much higher score, hey you gotta give credit to bands who truely put on a show).

Classic (?),... sure, essential (?),...definitely not. As for the bands discography get "Be My Slave", its much better, although from what I've heard this is better than "A Rose By Any Other Name". If you find this cheap on LP, pick it up.