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Uhm...unique? - 79%

Egregius, May 22nd, 2003

Heh, now this would be what I call a fun band.

Bitch doesn't rely on amazing instrumental virtuosity, or clever compositions, nor should they rely on the vocal skills of Betsy (heck she sings false half the time). However they went strong largely on image.

Tong-in-cheeck of course, and considering our day and age they were hardly shocking at all, and far from extreme.

Actually I shouldn't bagatelize their musical abilities. The opener 'Saturdays' is a pretty solid (rock & roll) song (with metal-riffs). The refrain is pretty catchy, just like the rest of the song actually, only they could've cut out 15 seconds from the middle IMO.
The second track 'Never Come Home' even could've scored a top-hit if you ask me (I don't know if it actually did or any of the other songs did..), with the decent vocals.
Damnation Alley is solid metal, although some of the limits of Betsy's voice come a bit to the foreground here. On the other hand she adds a unique feel to the song this way. Can't say I dislike the song!
'He's Gone' really is the only lesser track on this EP, a bit non-interesting, country-ish rock.
'Live For The Whip', the closing track, is just simply funny, although this would be the most shocking part of the whole EP, including the improvised whipping-sounds and Betsy's moaning.

Bitch never was one of the greats, but if you see this EP lying around in a store near, buy it.