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Totally Bitch - 89%

Danthrax_Nasty, September 12th, 2005

Released in 1983, a band from LA on Metal Blade Records, with perverted live shows, and a sound bound to its time, solidified their place amongst the wretched in Metal history. Without a doubt the bands best release (I dont think anyone would argue with that one), which was led to by a fairly promising EP, and followed up with by a less then stellar full length. So yeah, if your looking for a good Bitch album to judge for your self, look no further, cause as far as Bitch is concerned, this is it, this is their best.

Everything on here was right in step with the greats of its local era. Quality musician ship, an image all its own, a total Metal attitude within, and outside of the music, a front woman with that "it" quality in both her voice, and style, and a catchy Rock feel, some thrashy hints... I could go on for a while, but I guess I just really like the record. Just keep in mind this is early 80's metal in alot of parts lyric wise, with balls (pun intended), but an LA cheeseyness, and just an individual approach in that it really just makes for an interesting listen, but has that totally American, catchy, sleezey, but accessible approach. Definitely not the greatest album of '83, but there is no doubt that this is a great record, and one that probably needs more appreciation. The world needs more competant Heavy Metal bands doing the S&M schtick.

As for the riffs, and such. You can expect a bit of variety, but mostly this is a Rock based Heavy Metal band that played a Glamed out style not too dissimiliar from their contemporaries. Probably more Rock then their contemporaries, and more based with a standardized song format, and such, but very skilled, and ability is shown. The vocals utilize Betsy's abilities well, full chorus's, fallsettos (not too amazing here, but its cool dude), and even some peak reaching highend screams of 80's awesomness.

Basically, get this if you enjoy sleezey 80's Glam/Heavy Metal (with sleezey, and 80's being the defining words).