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Stoning! - 80%

ᴎostalgiʞK, June 14th, 2019

The mixtures of the structure is really good here, a traditional hard rock sound with really heavy “stoner” rhythms.

Let’s talk first about the guitars, really rock n’ roll sided sometimes, I can clearly hear Black Sabbath inspirations on here too, in the vocals and in the guitars, they produce distorted and truly “immersive” notes, why immersive? Because the thing is that when you start listening to the album you really get those riffs, those power chords and those clean notes played, those arrangements are made really well, another thing that is amazing is that the notes played by the bass and the guitars are not inharmonious, they follow a constant rhythm easily to understand, easy to be follow by the ear, is obvious that this album is made by musicians. I dare to say that this record has lots of psychedelic moments too.

Drums are always really powerful but have little peacefully moments as well, the work is surely amazing and the drummer plays lots of different compositions on this record, especially when the solos come in the songs. The sound of the drums is really clean, the snare gives the feeling of being "filled", everything that is played is easily perceptible, the drum bass, the cymbals, the toms and specially the before-mentioned snare.

Vocals are clean but they possess the old heavy metal vibes, you can clearly hear the inspiration and the love that the singer has for Ozzy, plus he has a technique not that common in the metal.

The structures of the songs can consist in an initiation with the bass and formerly the introduction of the guitars escorted in a destructive sound by the hand of the drums, just imagine, a "calm" song goes on, and later the overpowered guitars and drums take part of the track repentantly. The opposite case also occurs as well, just clean guitars start the song and lately, the drums, the bass and the vocals take part of that. I believe that the guitars are down-tuned just a little.

Here is a special stuff, in the last song a flute will be played, I think that this is something like a "bridge" a special touch of the album, I think they tried to make something similar to the song Solitude in that part, it fitted impeccably.

The cover is relevant at my eyes, a crow in the front of the image, violet skies, a fog, and a big coldly moon, everything fits flawless with the music played by this band.

This album is perfect to be listened with some shots of a strong drink. If you love Black Sabbath, this could be a good trip for you.