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A Promising Future - 83%

drewnm156, September 11th, 2006

I picked up this CD even though I had heard nothing about this band. I’m glad I did. Biolich is described as brutal deathgrind, but I think they add much more than that moniker implies. What we have here is very memorable and mood shifting grind core mixed with overtones of bands like The Postman Syndrome.

I don’t claim to be an expert in the grindcore field. Most bands simply blast by, sounding just a little too generic. I can listen to about 12 minutes of Brodequin, before deciding I’ve heard everything their music will offer. Biolich incorporates grinding, technical, chugging and sometimes clean riffs over guttural vocals. I’m not a huge fan of the microphone cupping guttural growls, so the addition of different vocal styles keeps the music from sounding the same. Vocal styles range from guttural, deathgrowls, raspy throat screams, yelps and some actual singing.

The guitar riffs are the definite highlight of the CD. Song structures are somewhat abstract with each riff only lasting a moment or so before another is thrown upon you. Riffs are usually very well written and segue together with each other to form a cohesive whole. The uses of clean guitar and textured riffs outside of the standard E power chord create songs that are just as memorable as brutal. My favorite tracks are Extensive Autumn Necrony and Twin Faced Exorcism, with the former using styles reminiscent of the aforementioned Postman Syndrome.

The strangest track is an ambient soundscape called Ikon Sumo. This track which is over seven minutes long breaks up the aggressiveness of the first four tracks before the blasting of the final track ends the CD. Although I wouldn’t probably buy an album worth of Ikon Sumo, it is very relaxing and similar in style to Static Journey found on Samael’s Exodus EP.

Although the EP is short, especially since the longest track isn’t even metal, repetition of ideas doesn’t set in. I often simply hit repeat on the player and rarely get bored with the songs played two or three times over. If you’re looking for an album completely of blast beats and guttural vocals, check out any release on Unmatched Brutality or United Guttural. Those looking for something unique but heavy should check this out. I look forward to even better things to come.