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strange, but good - 78%

Sportswear, March 11th, 2004

Starts off very impressively. Crunchy, simple and entwines well with the extremely low guttural growls, :43 in on "Time Kills Everything", a vicious combination of scream and growl, pairing just nicely. The outro of the song is pretty much the intro repeated.
The next song, "Extensive Autumn Necrony", starts off with some lovely riffs. Some unheard so far real effective piggy squeals are used and it goes well. Hmm, this band are strange, it is almost like it is very raw and brutal with the vocals, but kind of nice music, like hidden melodies and harmonies etc. Simple, but quite good. The very outro to the whole 2-track demo is a nice melodic part.
Yeah, it's cool.