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Not as good as "In Flames..." - 70%

vorfeed, April 17th, 2005

This is the second full-length album from Bilskirnir, a German band
playing pagan NSBM. The guitar sound here is somewhat thin and high. The drumming is fine, if a bit sloppy here and there. That's forgivable enough, since Bilskirnir is a one-man band. The vocals are screamed.

"Feuer und Schwert" is a guitar intro that makes use of a rousing guitar
line. Excellent, especially for an intro track.

"Atavismus des Glaubens" mixes folky guitar strumming with distorted
backing guitar. Widar's snarls bring an almost inevitable atmosphere to
this song. This is a highlight of the album.

The main guitar theme from "By Fire, Midgard Shall be Cleansed" is quite
reminiscent of mid-period Burzum, as are the vocals. There's a guitar
lead near the end that breaks things up a bit.

"Restitution" is slow, deliberate, and atmospheric. Layered guitars and
mournful screams establish a mournful mood. This is my least favorite
song from this album - the Burzum influence is just too obvious
here, and the song doesn't offer much other than that.

"The Cosmic Source" has a cyclic, shifting guitar line, broken up with
some neat drum fills. I especially like the ending, with its triumphant lead
guitar and distorted fade-out.

"Einsamkeit" is another slow, layered song. The intensity of the
vocals and the eerie, shifting guitar make this a much better song than

"Abschied" has some extremely memorable guitar work, along with more of
the intense vocals. The echoing nature of this one makes it the best of
the Burzum-worshipping tracks on this album.

I much prefer "In Flames of Purification" to this one. "Atavismus des
Glaubens" has a lot of atmosphere, but hardly anything in terms of
aggression, and most of the riffs aren't as memorable as in Bilskirnir's
early work. It's still a good album, but not remarkable. If you're
looking for something of theirs from this period, get the
Bilskirnir/Finsterwald split CD instead. Not recommended.

Standout tracks: "Feuer und Schwert", "Atavismus des Glaubens", "Abschied"

Review by Vorfeed: