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Bile - The Shed

Bile - The Shed - 95%

Phuling, April 23rd, 2008

Oh, how we goregrind fans have been waiting for this gem to surface once more. And through the geniality of the Aussie label No Escape we finally have it! The two first pressings in 2000 sold out pretty quickly, and since it’s been sold out. So I’m freakin’ glad I can experience this masterpiece for real and not just as mp3s or on a crappy CD-R.

Paying homage to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre we get an intro and nine tracks of pure and utter malevolence. The extremely heavy, churning and mangling riffs lays down the base as the grinding drums sets the speed and the gurgling growls adds the gore. But this is so much more than just another goregrind album. We also get slow, sludge-like parts where the heavy sound and marvellous riffs really get to show off. And added in the background are samples of screaming humans.
Great sound with a thick production, tons of samples, gurgling, growling, grinding, mangling – Just simply a freaking awesome goregrind record. The only thing that saddens me is that it’s only 17 minutes long. But set it on repeat and experience the disturbing and deranged gore over and over again!

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Sick gristling Gore/Grind...sick 'n groovey - 100%

Invaginator, June 16th, 2007

Bile brought with The Shed a great GoreGrind EP out, and I must admit I have become listening to both releases (The Shed EP and Camp Blood Full Length) now a fan of them. Their Gore/Grind reminds of a mixture of 'ancient' Carcass and Abandoned Grave, more like later, as their music is groove-ladden and full of up-tempo rhythms. It's some ultra-fucking-good Grind shit, that will make you nod your head, and wave your fatty hair to those songs, that aren't just influenced by the old Carcass, but by newer bands, that actually first copied Carcass (so-called 'Carcass-rip offs', 'Carcass worship bands') and then added their own flava to it, so it ain't a really stupid and annoying Carccas copy, but a buttgrinding Carcass copy, hehe.

The first Full Lenght release of Bile has some really groovy, chuggy mid-tempo and slow rhythms, beside the always present grinding blasts (what is a Grind record without blast beats!), where this is more concentrated in beating the shit out of the listener, but still with some groovy parts and uptempo riding. And that's good so, although I like them with both the grooves and blasts. You just can't decide what you like more. There are just few bands that can combine grooves and grind battering into a great Grind release, where you are really satisfied when you know you have bought a damn good disc.

There are several intro samples, from some movies I haven't seen, as I have better things to do with my spare time, but they fit perfectly into the concept of the EP (if there actually is one). Well, we can say without doubt that there was always a concept behind every Gore/Grind band - bones, blood and guts. It's gotten worn and torn apart, almost everything has been described in the medical-pathological genre, and I have by means of reading Carcass' lyrics become a medical assisstent. What you want more.

So, you see, having this release in your collection will both give you pleasure in hearing it, and becoming an intellectual being, where it is better you fuck off the intellectual part and just listen to the music, because if you don't like it after a few times listening, then I suppose you're stupid, or not into this style of Death Metal. I am, I like it, I enjoy the shit, and will keep on listening to them. The only bad thing here is there are only 10 songs on this disc, lasting 17 minutes, so the grinding experience is short, but at least you won't get bored to death. This is a fucking great prelude to their Full Lenght Camp Blood, which kicks ass big time, and you will definitely get the Full Lenght after hearing these songs of pure grind Gore, and probably become a serial killer, but that's okay. And this will then sure become the soundtrack to your crusade of motha fucking GORE!

I can give this "opus maligni" only a clear 10 because I've gotten the feeling like when I first time listened to Carcass' Symphonies of Sickness, and this is just great Gore Grind, without any additional bullshit.