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Review: Mind the drift - 70%

Infaticide, August 28th, 2009

Interesting album. At least is something different. I have not been so much in the sludge area, but I was expecting something totally “rotten” being dragged all over the place (which would most certainly not bother me at all). But I found something completely different from what I was expecting. And neither does this bothers me. As “Big Busines” says in their MySpace page “we do what we want”. As simple as that.

Everybody is doing the best they can. The drummer is like dynamite exploding all over the place and many times, bass that makes the perfect match for the drummer, without leaving aside his great riffs, and a guitar player who correctly uses the word “noise” next to the word “guitar” on the credits. As for the voice, exactly as they want. In some places, it sounds lost and getting too close to space rock (as the whole “Found Art” does), and in other places having all the rock feeling that there should be (again as the whole “The Drift” does).

This group doesn’t want to be heard all over the globe. They just “do what they want”. And this is what they should do. Especially when we have such a result.
Best Track: Theme from Big Business II

Worst Track: The Ayes Have It

Highlight: The unbelievable mixing of three totally different rhythms and riffs during the whole “Theme From…”