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Doomy Boring Ballads - 10%

Vaibhavjain, April 28th, 2009

Big Boss is the solo project of the vocalist of legendary Czech band, Root and has not gained as much fame and attention as Root have. Big Boss rolled out their third release silently this year I thought it would create some ripples in the music industry because it was said that Walter would be doing something very different from anything he has ever done in his music life either as Big Boss or as the front man of Root.

The genre of music presented to the listener was quite a shocker actually, with the blackthrash, raw ear pounding attack thrown out of the window and instead being replaced with a combination of down tempo music, piano and acoustic guitars, soft rock and a bit of doom metal thrown in at times. As the title of the album suggests, all of these tracks are "Doomy" ballads.

The music is as unimaginative and creative as the album title. Right from the word go, the 75 second complete waste of an opener entitled, "The Wind" and with lyrics that go "Ah, I love the Wind, love the wind" you know where the album is going. In an attempt to show his mellow side, Jiří Walter, has instead shown a side of his which reeks of uncreative and boring music, a side apparently not known to man. 42 mins of ballads from a man with a baritone like that? Bad Idea. With a baritone like that, you just cannot expect to pull off tracks with just an acoustic guitar and a piano as acquaintances. As tracks go by another thing you realize is the sheer amateur childishness and extremely low quality talent taken from the deepest bowels of the gutter, which has been used to write the tracks. Not only do the lyrics portray an image of an utterly low life organism incapable of writing decent lyrics or creating any atmosphere but almost all of the tracks sound incomplete, the trac! k ending almost suddenly and out of the blue at times. While things look slightly better with the track, "Solitude" (Isn't that an original name for a track on a doom album?), with its heavy riffs, awesome vocals and its chorus that borders dangerously close to a Candlemass song, ah, what was it called? Oh, yes. Solitude. Coincidence ?

It however is a complete downward spiral from there and the album hitting rock bottom with the track "The Ocean" with influences from *shudder* country music *shudder*. Just before the track ends with an outro as much of an abomination as the intro Walter realizes about his other band, the epic, progressive metal band, Equirhodont. "I Scream In The Dark Of Loneliness" is a track which is not only out of place when considered with the rest of the album is progressive wankery at its finest. The thing with all progressive bands is that 99% of them try to be Dream Theater and while not only successfully portraying their lack of creative talent, also make progressive metal of the present times an extremely boring genre. The vocals are out of place here as well. What Mr. Walter thought I have not the remotest idea and I do not even have a slightest intention of knowing.

Jiří Walter has fallen flat on his face with this amazingly disappointing and a failure of a release. This is music (if it falls in that category) of the lowest order taken from the bottom most drawer. It's too bad to even be laughed at and isn't worth your scorn. Even die hard fans of this man, shouldn't bother to check this out if of course they intend not to remain his fans anymore. Yes. it's that bad.