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Pun intended - 70%

oneyoudontknow, July 9th, 2017

The drop on the floor in front of those bands, whose track titles had been used as a source inspiration, could be a mishandling of the treadle of these contraption, which mark such a curious centrepiece of Bicyklothorturerere's image on their Metal Archives entry. As such it is never really a bow, but rather a full frontal crash. Maybe it is their way to leave certain marks, by smearing blood all over the place; in fact, the cover artwork even indicates some definitely unexplored lubricant features of the human blood. Even though musically different than what the track titles might indicate, at least to some degree, those musicians from Slovakia take the listener on a tour de death metal, and this at times certainly on two but maybe even on three or four wheels. Sounds like an eco-friendly version of Manowar, doesn't it? No leather for you Mr. Halford! Breathable clothing is the latest hit.

Queen's attitude on this whole issue is definitely maltreated with the first track already and it continues from it accordingly. There is nothing easy-going in the attitude of the Brits' in this execution of cycling music. Those guys from East Europe mean business and they come over as a bunch of road warriors, whose choice of vehicles gives the impression of blatant ignorance of the outcome. But maybe things are different in Slovakia and the chances or means to massacre scores of people with something as trifle as a bike cannot be imagined by someone from a coastal area of Germany; these would be the origins of these strange lines. Maybe one really needs to feel the rush of energy and the wind in the face in order to appreciate the full metalness of bicycles. Yet is feels kind of strange that no project of other mountainous areas have come up something of this sort, then. Or does cycling mark you as a social outcast, which prevents people from getting laid. Questions without end.

The music is really in the spirit of things.
It is never really ... of the track.
It does not ... loose air ... over the course of the album.
The band hardly ever ... pulls the brakes.
They really ... keep the pace.
These puns have really received some ... treading.
(More might definitely possible=

Bicyklothorturerere deliver their admiration of bikes with a comparably standard set of black and death metal; emphasis on the latter. There is nothing of the versatility in handling of the instruments Morbid Angel generally known for. Symphonic features taken from Dimmu Borgir are also absent. In terms of Dark Funeral, there is something of the general attitude and style in the Slovakians music. Also Slayer is not too far from what this band intended. It is not necessary to throw the puns aside, because they mark a core aspect of the album. They are basically all over the place. Growls, intense music, nice arrangements, enough variation to keep up the spirits and some really cool lyrics. This year marks this release's tenth anniversary and it is a shame that this band does not receive some more attention. They are indeed one of those odd projects that pop-up from the underground now and then. While they may not contain much novelty in their concept, it is the atmosphere that leaves the listener with a smile on his or her face. This outlandish concept, the charming youtube video(s) and the hilarious band image, should be enough to grant them some attention. Such projects keep the metal scene alive and that is why you should download their album from bandcamp -- and maybe even throw some bucks their direction -- and be amazed by the musical performance.