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Beyond The Gates, the new way of extreme metal - 78%

Metalinfection, June 27th, 2011

"Soul Crisis" is the first EP for a young band from Northern Italy which goes by the name of Beyond the Gates. The record was wholly produced at their own expense; and if you consider that these guys have recorded all tracks at home with poor equipment, amateur instruments and little experience in post-production work, they have made a great job in the songwriting and in the arrangements. I mean, the guitar parts sound very inspired but at the same time aggressive and brilliant.

BTG are able to convey the right violence and a very brutal impact characterized by some strange influences, not easy to be found on a single record, like old and modern death metal with a lot of melody, hardcore, and a bit of melodic black metal and prog. Behind this wall of six chords, there is a very good action made by the drums and, sometimes, there are some really attractive riffs that introduce sudden changes and give freshness to the music. As far as the vocals are concerned, they sound versatile but always coming in due time, inspired by the entire extreme metal scene. Two singers with a beastly attitude.

A very good piece of modern extreme metal from these three young guys that have built a sound which claims a lot of influences, but with an unusual personal trademark. No banalities and no exaggerations; only passion. A rain of wrath!