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Utterly Sensational - 100%

Rhapsorizon, August 24th, 2010

My discovery of Beyond Twilight was only a result of my fascination with Kelly Carpenter's voice leading me to dig up everything I can find involving his participation. Now, the added bonus of this discovery is seeing that the beloved Jorn Lande was a part of this ensemble, for this gem: "The Devil's Hall of Fame".

Jorn Lande has, and always will be, one of my favorite metal vocalists. His raw, rough and intensely powerful voice is second to none, with only David Coverdale coming to mind. True it may be that Jorn was a fond admirer of David Coverdale (which is pretty obvious when he performs freestyle vocals, and being that he was a singer in a Whitesnake tribute band), but Jorn has now trademarked a sound in Metal that is just simply unmet by any other vocalists, and remains to be one of the most prominent and recognizable voices for Progressive/Power Metal of our time.

Contracting to Beyond Twilight for this release was a GIANT leap forward for Jorn, allowing him to express a mixture of his signature freestyle singing, as well as displaying his extremely well-trained and disciplined melodic vocals for the more tame areas of the compositions. His ability is almost fully unfolded within this release, hitting notes that I honestly didn't even know he had, and experimenting with a more bizarre style of scat singing [worded loose]; for instance, in the track "Crying".

The song-writing in this release is exquisite. There are no boundaries, no flaws, and absolutely no stagnating features. Every song is a different experience than the others, and each show a vast array of abilities in compositional skill and creativity. Not once does this album become excessive in any aspect; where it needs to be tame, the tracks remain tame, and when absurdity is required, it is met. The standard of composition is obscenely professional, setting the bar for Progressive Metal at a ridiculous height.

Beyond Twilight have opened a totally new gate to the world of Progressive Metal, and if they continue to contract the greatest singers in existence, their obscurity will be completely shattered by the monstrous fan-base that this group will SURELY acquire. Just like in the case of such bands as Anubis Gate, it is a massive disappointment that notoriety is not what these masters of metal possess, because after experiencing "The Devil's Hall of Fame", everything else seems worthless.

fucking 100/100