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Beyond Helvete - Anthem of Decay

Beyond Helvete - Anthem of Decay - 89%

Edmund Sackbauer, July 20th, 2023
Written based on this version: 2022, CD, Immortal Frost Productions (Limited edition)

Beyond Helvete is a German black metal duo, initially formed as the solo project of Sven Krause. Later, drummer Jonas Schmid of the brutal death metal band Impaler joined him on his mission. "Anthem Of Decay" is their second album on the Belgian imprint Immortal Frost Productions. Not being familiar with their prior work this is my first foray into their music so I went into this album without much expectation.

On opening track "Inexorable", strange frightening sounds slowly approach and set the mood for what is to come. The music swells and its utter coldness will give you chills. Beyond Helvete delivers varied black metal of a high standard on this first cut. On the second song "Mass Of Obedience", the band immediately flies in firmly with cutting, misanthropic chords and tremolos. This one is a real treat for those who like their black metal fast and furious.

Something similar can be said about most of the following tracks as Beyond Helvete know exactly what it takes to write a great genre hymn. "Ceremony Of Primal Urge" starts with blistering and dominating guitars that give a separate cachet to this pounding black metal song. While the band does not really bring any innovation to the genre it becomes obvious that we are talking about talented and experienced musicians. Beyond Helvete do not shy away from slowing things down at times, while in tracks like "Dust Of Golgotha" they keep the pace high and provide the necessary neck gymnastics. Sven Krause's vocals here, as on the rest of the album, are impressive as his howling comes across like an ancient demons screaming into the void. "Coeval Distemper" rounds off the album with brutal, evil black metal that sticks to you like pitch in a nasty way.

So once the dust has settled and the last sound of the record has faded it is fair to say that this is a very enjoyable and pretty traditional slab of Northern coldness. Those who like innovation in the black metal genre might rather choose another band, but those who are mainly interested in getting a more than solid take on the well-known formula have come to the right place. "Anthem Of Decay" will convert few newcomers to the black metal genre, but is a nice discovery for existing black metal disciples and absolutely worth your time.