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Ripper takes control... - 85%

overkill67, September 24th, 2006

When I think of modern day metal, I unfortunately have to revert to all this new age mallcore faggotry that has plagued the earth over the last half decade. You see, the main complaint with this modern day abomination stems predominantly from two main areas;
1. Lack of guitar solos, but I think the reason for this is simply based on lack of ability to play a freakin' guitar; and
2. Stupid screaming and debauchery styled vocals, that sound like pussified death metal, mixed with clean and whinny assed somber toned choruses.

Now, enter the age of modern day old school metal ala Beyond Fear!
Finally, a noble shot of sincerity is injected into the modern age of metal, with all the attributes to properly label this band with an "old school" labeling.
This album is a fantastic heavy metal record...period! A few thrash inserts from time to time, but for the most part, old school rings true in almost each and every track on the album. Ripper's ability as a vocalist is unmatched by the majority of the frontmen currently working in todays music industry. With a select few, such as James Rivera or Russel Allen, its hard to compare anyone else's ability as a real heavy metal vocalist next to the mighty Ripper.
The falsetto on this album is something that has to actually be heard to be fully appreciated. I can't even put into words how exceptional the falsetto delivery is on this album. Another incredible feat in the vocal aspect is the numerous harmonies and layered vocal tracks that are simply divine. This is rather characteristic for producer Jim Morris, who actually did the same thing quite often with Matt Barlow on a couple of the Iced Earth albums, and it works perfectly for climactic emotional effect.

Another great feature on this disc is the exceptional guitar solos that are absolutely shred worthy by any players standards. The guitar virutosity of the leads are very reminiscent of the style of guitar playing which plagued albums such as Painkiller by the mighty Priest way back in 1990.

I think that the simple fact that Ripper was responsible for overseeing the entire creation of this album, truly allows the listener to appreciate the ability that this guy actually has. As previously mentioned in another review, this album absolutely destroys the quality of the songs that Ripper did on Jugulator and Demolition. I'm not saying that Ripper is a better song writter than Glen Tipton, but I am however saying that his ability to write great music is without a doubt justified 10 fold on this killer modern day heavy metal album.