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Good modern-heavy metal mixed with awesome vocals - 75%

Nightrunner, May 6th, 2006

Beyond Fear, as you all may know is the new band started by one of the best singers out there, Tim “Ripper” Owens. Now he’s standing on his own foot where he can decide the most himself that he wasn’t allowed to do on the Judas Priest-albums. And now when he can do that, he and the band have created a good heavy metal album, which has some fillers, some good ones, and some killer songs. And I can at least say like this, that this album is easily better than any of the JP-albums Tim sang on. Some people say that this album sounds like those, but I don’t agree. What this album has is strong and heavy production, Tim’s powerful vocals, and only these two things is something “Demolition” doesn’t include, at all.

The album breaks out with the excellent heavy-metal track, “Scream Machine”, easily the best song done so far in 2006. Moderately fast, in the same vain as JP’s “Painkiller”, killing verses, guitars, drum-playing, and chorus, the chorus gives me goose bumps. And we do also have other heavy great-ones, the second song “And…You Will Die”, third song “Save Me”, fast and ripping “The Human Race”, “I Don’t Need This” are these all real heavy-metal songs the way we want them. On the “bad-side”, the fillers, we have the really boring ballad “Dreams come True”, the un-interesting “The Faith”. And all the others I class as “good songs”, but not great.

The lyrics Tim has written isn’t the best I know, but absolutely not the worst either, there’s another band that has that triumph *cough* Manowar *cough*. The band sounds tight and well-played, as I said earlier Tim does a excellent work (just like he did on IE’s “Glorious Burden”, the drummer Eric Elkins does also play the drums very well. And of course, the other band members do a great work too, but Tim & Eric is one step higher this time. So, I would recommend you to buy this album if you’re out for some heavy metal with modern production, the album isn’t great, but absolutely slightly above “good”, and it does really explode here and there, and remember it’s much better than for example “Demolition” !

Best songs: Scream Machine, And…You Will Die, Save Me