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I was expecting more - 78%

Metalwontdie, July 1st, 2009

Beyond Fear is the first album from ex Judas Priest, Iced Earth, vocalist Tim Ripper Owen’s that he had a hand in the songwriting process. I was originally turned on to Beyond Fear because I had seen the music video to And…You Will Die and thought to myself that’s a great song so I bought the album. This self-titled debut sounds like a mix between classic metal with a modern touch and some thrash presence.

The songs themselves have a mainly mid-tempo classic metal sound with some thrash moments once in a while. The album is also very melodic which complements Tim Ripper Owen’s vocals well since he ranges from hard tinged vocals to melodic singing, and his trademark falsetto shrieks. The production is very modern; thankfully each instrument is easily heard in the mix. The rest of the band is solid especially the guitarist’s who pull off some pretty good leads, and riffs.

Beyond Fear unfortunately suffers from many problems. First off there are too many songs the album could have been shortened to 9 songs for greater effect. Filler is present on a lot of the album material. Beyond Fear is much better at the thrash parts than the classic metal parts, they should have based their style more on the thrash and less on the classic metal.

Beyond Fear’s debut unfortunately really disappointed me but it is still a solid release though bogged down by filler. Hopefully Beyond Fear can fix the problems with this release with their next album. The best songs are Scream Machine, And…You Will Die, Telling Lies, and Words Of Wisdom. I recommend this release to fans of anything that Tim Ripper Owen’s has put his name on and classic metal only.

-8 points too many songs
-8 points filler is present on much of the album
-6 points Beyond Fear should have focused more on the thrash