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We need this! - 83%

Kalelfromkrypton, January 16th, 2008

For some reasons that we still don’t know, the passing of Tim Ripper Owens in Iced Earth and Judas Priest was not successful. I guess it is due to the remarkable establishments of those bands that nobody could picture them without their former singers. Even so, I like him singing anywhere and the fact that he is not with them anymore doesn’t diminish at all the outstanding vocal qualities from Owens.

Now, I agree with the other two guys about everything. If you are a power metal fan ala Primal Fear or even modern Helloween then this is another damn good release to add to your collection. The lyrical content I must say is silly. Both the topics and the writing skills but this is a debut so I give him the benefit of the doubt. The music is, first and foremost heavy metal to your balls due to the power, energy and feeling its shows off.

The focal point is obviously the vocals. Very much ala Ralf and Rob the guy sings metal whenever, wherever and whatever he wants. He can growl, scream, master high falsettos and sing very well like those aforementioned giants. Since this is his band he can oversees the entire production according to what he desires and that is ok and the reason this albums rocks out.

Next coming up is the strong guitar tone (very modern metal and hard rock) so this doesn’t sound ‘happy’. Oh and don’t forget that there are 2 guitar players, making it even more interesting since the rhythm parts are exquisite although the riffing is not very technical and or creative. Powerful drumming not technical at all but instead they just keep the flow of the rhythm parts going along. The production indeed is very good and you can enjoy a feast metal from beginning to end. The solos are very good also, very ala Iced Earth, although they are more rhythm they have their moments.

There is not much left to say for a debut except that this is the way we wanted Ripper Owens to be heard, with a band that will give him the chance to really take off. This is by far a heavy metal dessert that you can easily dig with the first listen so go and get it. Ripping vocals from the Ripper himself will leave you wanting more.