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Flying Towards the new Horizon - 90%

Neo139, February 11th, 2007


Five years have passed since Beto Vazquez (ex-Nepal) has released a second (third in composition) full-length album. Nowadays, the sound of the band is more defined and it seems they have chosen a musical direction. The first album was impossible to classify. In this page it appears as “Melodic Metal/Rock”, in spite of it written in the rules that any band cannot be put melodic metal as the genre.

This album is less innovative and heavier than the last one, closed to a symphonic power/gothic metal sound with some neoclassical elements. This is the first album where the constant band members (those who play in live shows) have participated, opposite to the first album, where it only had guest musicians and Beto Vázquez that participated.

The album starts with "Cardassia and Bajor" the typical intro with classical music sound, epic chorus, and orchestral instruments with a dark atmosphere that reminds of Rhapsody's Intros or Mago de Oz's Gaia II Intro. Following this, "After the Tempest", is the heaviest track of the album and one of the highlights. The album continues with "Lord of the Sky", a remake. The original song is in "Space Without Limits" album. That will be the next album released. (As I have said at the beginning of the review, this is the second release, but the third album was made, because the second album was delayed because of record company problems.)

"The Tunnel of the Souls" is one of the ballads of the albums with "Secret". If the only thing you’re looking for is speed, these two tracks won’t be showing that. You will enjoy listening "Time of Reflection" and "She is my Guide". They are the Power metal tracks of the album.

The problem comes with the seventh track, “Star Losers”, a very simple song that I don't like it at all. Talking with other people that has listened the album, I realized that their favorite track of the album was this song. Beto Vázquez said in an interview that this track was not to be included in the album at the beginning because it was made as an in-joke. So this is one of the tracks that you will love or hate.

The album ends with "Tale of the Black Tower", I believe that this track is the best of the album and the longest of the band (until nowadays). This song is an opera rock with lots of mattresses of keyboards and melancholic vocals.

In this album more than 15 vocalists have participated so the vocals sound a bit strange the first time you hear it. Listen to it a couple of times for it to accustom to your ears.

- “After the Tempest”
- “Soldiers of Hope”
- “Tale of the Black Tower”.

Very different to the debut album, this release has more energy, but still conserves the peace and calm in tracks like "Secret" or "The Tunnel of the Souls". Highly recommended for fans of symphonic, power and gothic metal.