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Best Lord - 95%

SweetLeaf95, July 10th, 2019

Back at the end of May, I got the pleasure of streaming Bestialord’s single “Writhe With Serpents,” the penultimate track off of their new full-length Black Mass Wedding. Last year, the band released Law Of The Burning, a fairly clean death/doom effort that I thought sounded quite well. This one isn’t much different in overall structure, but I do think it tightened down on the solo work, was a bit more straightforward with the Satanic shtick, and touched a bit more new land.

Of course, I’m not saying that the darkness wasn’t present before. As evil as Bestialord have made their music, I think there are some traces of black metal to be found vocally and lyrically. There’s a bit more of a rasp in the vocals, and higher emphasis on the “hail Satans” and whatnot. Naturally, this makes it less doomy, and the title track hits this right off the bat. I also dig the hell of the solo work that’s thrown into the introduction of this.

If that isn’t enough, I think the chops are also a bit more present, and they’ve gained some strength in the songwriting department. “Dr. Phibes” is a beefy number led by spoken words that melt into groovy riffs forged nice and sharp. It also has the best flow and is laid out swimmingly. The feeling of impending doom displayed previously is also very much alive in Black Mass Wedding. “Vengeance Needs Blood” is extremely filthy and achieves that better than just about anything else the band has ever done. After all, it’s centered around the suffering of Hell.

I’ve gotta hand it to them for not being afraid to leave their comfort zones. “Now It Begins” is a very fascinating standout because of how it’s introduced with softer licks that almost border Aerosmith-like rock ‘n roll solos; just backed with heavier riffs. The amount of tone shifts and the fact that it also incorporates synths is quite impressive too, seeing that it actually worked. “This World My Tomb” lays on the best drum-work that the band has ever crafted, and I dig the stormy effects to go with the closing of it.

As always, the best releases are the ones that do something a bit odd that aren’t awkward or forced. As great as their first album was, I do believe they’ve stepped up their game with this year’s release. Lot’s of horror, lot’s of Satan, and plenty of riffs to last the whole run. And don’t let anything new scare you away, because that’s all the icing on the cake.

Originally written for Indy Metal Vault