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Meh...Absolute Shite - 0%

corviderrant, February 8th, 2005

This is among the worst things I've ever heard in my time as a banger, and that's a mighty long time on my end. This makes the typical norsecore/1-man band projects traditional in black metal sound worthy of praise, and that should tell you something, considering I don't go for that whole thing.

So let's sum it up: several Aussies with charming stage names like KK Warslut (who went on to the far better Destroyer 666) and Joe Skullfucker decide that they can do better than the Norwegians at creating amelodic white noise and set out to prove it. And they did, too, because this is pure noise at best.

The "production" is sheer garbage can ambience taken to an extreme and the "musicians" can't play at all. The drummer was the weakest link here with his stuttering, unsteady attempts at blast beats (even worse than Oscar Garcia's drummer in Nausea) and the riffs are so sloppy they merge into a wall of sound in the least complimentary sense of the term. Tightness seems to be an option best left out the equation here, too, as these guys are all over the map. Even the oldest Sodom records sound better than this! And the vocals are just plain hilarious they're so bad: you can tell he's trying his best to be as evil as he can and just sounds like he has laryngitis (I just got over that, so believe me, I know).

Nothing stands out on this, and I can safely say that it is among the most laughable attempts at metal music I've ever heard. Bin it and have done with it, and I'm glad these jokers finally got the hint and broke up, already.