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80's Brazilian, lo-fi extreme metal series: 7 - 5%

Byrgan, January 5th, 2009

-Beat themselves into oblivion-

Bestial War play Belo Horizonte characterized extreme metal, except coming from a completely different location in Sao Paulo. The cool band name is here, the outrageous title, but because of the music, this has got to be one of the most redundant demos to seek after. Maybe this recording has gone through so many overdubs and the elements through the years that this is why. But concentrating hard on the music, and I mean hard, I have to bluntly say this is garbage. It would be pointless and excessive to put it anymore elegantly or witty for that matter.

The Ripping Christ Off Cross demo can probably only be deciphered by the band themselves. Although, from what I can gather, they play in such an out-of-control death-thrash style that I wonder if they are even playing together or are all just going into their own tangents. Wouldn't that be something? The drummer fails to keep things as a group, with his incessant brutalizing of the drums. These can't be beats folks, he's probably just using his bare knuckles instead of drum sticks, bleeding all over the set with numb feeling. Instead of his actual thrashing blasts, he sounds like he is distantly pounding two wood blocks together to simulate a pounding snare. The guitarist uses a distinct tremolo style. Mainly you can hear him buzz sawing it right through, with the exception of a start up riff. This is a close style to what Genocidio's guitarist sounds like on their first EP. He adds a few solos that sound like sporadic, one-dimensional fillers, using whichever notes are quickest to his fingers. The problem with Bestial War, though, is they fail to even entertain someone when using just a simplistic and barbaric brand of music. The riffs use a fast-for-the-sake-of-fast mentality, while not actually keeping up with themselves to be worthwhile. All of this is blended in with the vocalist screaming his head off into the microphone. This is one pissed off guy. I'll give them that. He gives it all his lungs and vocal chords can take, with him screaming all over the place. For the most part, I wouldn't be surprised if it was improvised. I mean, what would be the point in having thought through lyrics when the music is this wild? It might as well be instant chaos.

B.W.'s demo is kind of pointless to seek after. Even if this was cleaned up or an original copy, it probably wouldn't matter. They play at such an extreme death-thrash style that it is hard to even keep up as a listener. Never mind how the band managed to know when the next song started or ended. The production being a hindrance doesn't help either. This would have been a pretty intense practice, it definitely sounds like it, because the band did give it their all even if it ended up being mostly forgettable material. (Next review: Warhate - Thrash Invasion demo)