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Bestial Mockery > War: The Final Solution > Reviews
Bestial Mockery - War: The Final Solution

WAR : The Final Solution - 89%

DerMarc, May 5th, 2006

So, this Demo is really, REALLY great stuff of Bestial Mockery, one of Swedens finest Underground Black Metal Bands.

It starts with "Slaughter Mass" which goes straight to your face and kicks ass. No melodies, just fast drumming und Master Motorsags screams! The master himself sounds not like a standard wannabe freezing BM vocalist, he sounds more like puking all the time, roar his fucking whomb out, but in a way you might be able to like, if you get used to it.

Anyway. Second Song is "Slaining the Life". Here you can here the immense Punk influences, exspecially in the refrain, which is catchy as fuck. You can expect that, after listening to this song, you will hear this fucking melody for days! There also a nice improved (seems so, but sounds very good in this place) solo in this song. My favorite on this tape!

In "Necroslut" you also got this punkish influences, but this time in the slamming Hardcore way(even with a morbid touch)! Not everybodys favor, but i like this mixture.

"Morbid Chainsaw Extermination" is a slow track you can also listen too on the latest album "Gospel..." Like the title says it sounds very "morbid" and also got his fast and brutal parts. Nice done guys!

"Chainsaw Enforcer" then is a rocking bastard, no idea where to categorize. Nevertheless, it's a great song, like all of the tracks on this Demo Tape.

"Rest in War" could be seen like the fast hellish brutal fucking Outro of the Tape. Fast thrashin' Drumming, shredding guitars and the Master's screams!

All in one, it's one the best Demos I were able to listen too. Cause of that's just a demo, 2nd Guitar is difficult to hear and sound in general is not that good, but this record was not made to sound Phantastic. It was made to rip your fucking face off with a nailwrist while headbanging!