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Enjoyable - 85%

Wizardjoe, October 23rd, 2007

I received this album as my free CD for renewing my subscription to Terrorizer one year, without really knowing what the band was like. I remember selecting that CD as my choice over the other one purely because of the album cover. When it arrived, and I put it on, I quite honestly hated it. This was before I ever liked black metal - especially of the punk variety.

Following a month of not listening to the album at all, I have lost count of the amount of spins - I just put it on one day and loved it. No idea why, it just suddenly grew on me, and introduced me to the world of punk black metal (Darkthrone's "Cult is Alive" is still a favourite of mine).

The production was what originally put me off - back in the day, I was not very welcoming of buzzsaw production, the ripping, over-produced vocals and the homogeneous messy thrash drumming, but I now cannot imagine a better way to have recorded this album! Upon every listen, I can pick out new, awesome riffs - there are loads of them. It had originally struck me as very amateur, but there is definitely more to be discovered with this band. Even whilst writing this review and listening to the album once more, I have boosted my original rating from 80 to 85 - it is just a good listen to vent some anger, perhaps on to play in a rock bar.

There are few albums I have gone from hating to loving, the only other examples I can think of are the newer In Flames records. There is just something very enjoyable about this CD! It is brilliantly over the top - screams of "DO YOU GET TURNED ON... BY FUCKING THE CORPSES?!" over rapid riffage make me laugh every listen (present in two different songs, by the way!) and track titles such as "Slut Fuck Cult" and "Morbid Chainsaw Extermination" are pretty much representative of the band's attitude on this album (I am yet to hear any others by them).

Most other black metal listeners will be much more welcoming of this album than I was, but my advice to you doubters is this - give it a chance and you will be rewarded!