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Leatherface Would Be Proud - 90%

key2thegate666, March 17th, 2012

One year after Bestial Mockery released their debut album, Christchrusing Hammerchainsaw, they come back strong with an even greater attack! Evoke the Desecrator is a relentless, hell-fueled cut to the throat. This band is high on chainsaw fumes! Bullet belts, drinking blood, and black thrash executed perfectly by Swedish horde, Bestial Mockery!

From start to finish, this album slays. Track one is titled Chainsaw Demons Return. It features one of my favorite Bestial Mockery riffs of all time! The riff imitates the sound of a chainsaw starting up! You will know it when you hear it because you will be banging your head even harder then you were before. The next five songs devour the listener one by one. Fast as fuck, old school black thrash worship focusing on war, sacrifice, blasphemy, and all things unholy!!!

For me, track seven is the highlight of the album. It’s titled Goats Feast! The song has more of a mid-paced tempo to it. It’s a blood splattered orgy of demons and witches fucking and feasting! Great riffing and a full blown head banging anthem! The album closes with the title track. It’s the longest song on the album clocking in at four minutes and eleven seconds. This shit is fucking heavy!!!! Perfect way to conclude this killer album!

If you enjoy chaotic metal that’s just all out war fucking blasphemy, CHECK THIS OUT!!! The album has many memorable moments. Every instrument can be heard perfectly. It’s definitely a solid release. Hail Bestial

Review: Bestial Mockery - Evoke the Desecrator - 96%

Goatwarrior, March 15th, 2004

Bestial Mockery's second album is a 10-song, 29 minute Black/Deathrash homage to chainsaws, desecration, war, hate, blasphemy and Satan. Did I forget anything? Oh yes - NECROSLUTS!

If you've heard Bestial Mockery's first album "Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw", you may have a vague idea of what to expect here. However, there is notably more of a Death Metal influence to be heard on this release which, along with the excellent production, makes the whole album sound much darker. Also, everything sounds much tighter on this album. In an interview with Master Motorsag (vocals) he explained "If the first LP represented the savages on the battlefield, this one is more like a grave desecration orgy with the nuclear holocaust as the background." An excellent description - I couldn't have put it better myself!

Fast-paced, thrashing tempos tend to dominate here, but not without common changes to slower and mid-paced sections, a variation which keeps the album sounding fresh and interesting throughout.

All the Bestial Mockery trademarks that we know and love are here; chainsaw "solos", wailing guitar solos, blasphemous lyrics that speak of hate and desecration and, of course, Master's harsh, grating, throat-filled-with-battery-acid vocals. But overall, everything is much tighter and sounds much more accomplished.

An excellent inclusion on this album is the re-recording of my favourite Bestial Mockery track, Necroslut, which was originally featured on the "War: The Final Solution" demo. I loved this song on that demo, and here it also sounds superb!! The much improved production and darker sound of this album gives the track a whole new sound, whilst still maintaining all the elements that made the song great in the first place, and Master's frantic ramblings as the song comes to an end will surely bring a smile to your face.

Do I have anything negative to say about this release? Yes - the length. This is such a good album that it's a shame it doesn't last longer. It clocks in at just under 30 minutes and seems to be over incredibly quickly. However, now we know why "repeat" buttons were created.

In short: Get this album or die a poser!! METAL FUCKING DEATH!!!!